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Solmedia Ltd

  • 0844 (Display number) 0844 808 0900
Unit 2
Vernon Drive
Battlefield Enterprise Park
Shrewsbury Shropshire SY1 3TF United Kingdom

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About us

Solmedia helps you to run the most efficient laboratory by supplying you with reliable equipment and consumables on time, every time.  Widely recognised for our excellent customer service, maintenance and support, Solmedia is the UK’s leading supplier of bespoke scientific equipment sourced and installed by our team of fully qualified professionals.  Based in Shropshire, we work hard to exceed the expectations of our customers through honest, loyal and reliable service from beginning to end.

We have a team of dedicated regional managers who are able to identify the best solutions for our customers’ needs.  We are fully committed to our work and believe in continuous product development in order to optimise your lab life.
We offer an extensive range of products that can be used across a variety of laboratory environments, some of which include;

Sampling – Niftilids, histology containers, Supatubs, wide mouth screw top jars, narrow mouth bottles, plastic bottles, specimen tubes, squat glass jars, large sample jars, micropipettors, transport containewrs, trident vials and plastic pipettes.

Sample Preparation & Autopsy – Cut-up trimming tables, extractor hoods, autopsy saw and extractors, autopsy knives, chisels, needles and seekers, probes, solid scalpels, disposable scalpels, scissors, dissecting sets, cork boards and tissue marking dye.

Cytology – Microcentrifuge, filters, cell readers, cervical brushes, wooden spatulas, guns for syringes, microscope slide mailers, syringes and vortex mixers.

Tissue Processing & Embedding – Tissue processors, solvent substitutes, solvents, paraffin wax, paraffin repellent, fixatives, embedding centres, ice plates, wax trimmers, wax dispensers, cassettes, tissue moulds, storage boxes, embedding beads and marker pens.

Microtomy & Section Cutting – Microtomes, microtome blades, blotting paper, slide drying racks, brushes, immersion oil, cryostat, incubators, slide dryers, section mounting baths, large capacity dryer, combined bath and hotplates.

Microscopy – Microscope slides, diagnostic slides, counting chambers, coverglasses, automatic coverslipper, diamond slide marking pens, slide printers, microcopes, lens cleaning tissue, cotton gauze swabs and drying systems.

Staining – Automatic strainers, manual staining sets, troughs, staining racks, staining jars, timers, dispensing bottles and stains reagents and dyes.

Storage & Archive – Filing units, slide location strips, microglass and microblock units, storage cabinets, slide presentation boxes, microslide storage boxes, coloured slide trays, blue boxes and block and slide storage.

Hygiene & Disinfectant – Wash room, detergents, hand hygiene, phenol liquid, chlorosol, domestos, haz tabs, hycolin, sodium hypochlorite, trionic, alcohol wipes, terralin and virkon.

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Latest Reviews

Solmedia Ltd

Fantastic, friendly service! Always on hand to assist with any query we have. Thank you for your speedy replies as this helps me to do my job here.


Solmedia Ltd

We have been very impressed with the professional and responsive service we have received from Solmedia. The staff are extremely helpful and always respond promptly and I have no hesitation in recommending their products or service.


Solmedia Ltd

Solmedia have been one of our suppliers for the last 8 years. Their sales team and account managers are friendly, extremely helpful and experienced. They respond quickly to enquires and always do their best to help if you need a product urgently. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


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