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About us

At South West Surveys, we traverse the UK to provide prompt, efficient, meticulously detailed, and precise surveys. Our team boasts a minimum of 15 years of expertise utilising state-of-the-art equipment like Trimble robotic total stations, GPS, and Faro 3D laser scanners, coupled with the latest data collection technologies. We prioritise our clients' needs, offering customised services to align with individual requirements or adhering to predetermined specifications.

We've tackled a broad spectrum of projects, spanning from residential expansions and refurbishments to notable heritage endeavours. Our capabilities include crafting as-built 3D models for BIM or visualisation objectives. Leveraging our expertise, we've successfully modelled pump houses, including intricate pipework, and conducted laser scans of listed statues, subsequently transforming them into robust mesh models for replication.

South West Surveys collaborates with numerous repeat clients, including architects, urban planners, consulting engineers, surveyors, and private individuals.

Our Services Include:

Land & Topographic Surveys

A Topographical or 'topo' survey, often referred to as a land survey, offers a precise depiction of both natural and artificial elements within a designated region. These surveys typically employ specialised surveying tools capable of accurately measuring angles and distances.

Measured Building Surveys
Our technology of choice, laser scanning, is rapid, accurate, and discreet. We conduct our operations with minimal disruption to both the building's structure and its occupants. South West Surveys serves clients throughout the UK, with a focus on local projects in Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham, and Gloucester. Our scope of work spans various projects, encompassing small residential properties, industrial buildings, warehouses, retail spaces, as well as historic and listed structures.

BIM Surveys & 3D Modelling
3D models serve various purposes, serving as excellent marketing aids for developers and aiding local authorities in envisioning forthcoming developments. Architects benefit from 3D models by visualising their designs in real-world settings. The rise in popularity of BIM (Building Information Modelling), particularly in government projects due to legislative advancements, has led to a surge in demand for 3D models, making our BIM models valuable resources for other professionals involved in the projects.

UAV / Drone Surveys
Drones significantly enhance our surveying capabilities by gathering data from inaccessible or high-risk locations like railways, motorways, deteriorating structures, or remote islands. Our lidar system, deployed over vast terrains ranging from farmland to forests, can penetrate tree cover to map the underlying terrain. Drones offer extensive data, including insights into plant health, weed distribution, precise area measurements, and changes in elevation across your property.

Laser Scanning Technology
Laser scanning technology is utilised in construction to conduct precise surveys of buildings or land. Also referred to as High Definition Surveying (HDS), it employs laser beams to capture comprehensive details of structures and generate a 360-degree photo or plan. This process involves projecting the laser onto the object and gathering data from another sensor, such as a camera. The result is point cloud data comprising millions of 3D XYZ coordinates, which can be assembled to construct an accurate survey and model of the building.

… And more.

We provide surveys of exceptional precision and meticulous detail. We take pride in our work and derive enjoyment from tackling unique and challenging projects. Our surveys are competitively priced and completed promptly. Whether you prefer our predefined specifications or customised services tailored to your needs, we accommodate your requirements with flexibility and professionalism.

Many of our projects are situated in the South West, Wales, and along the M4 Corridor, extending across the Midlands. Nevertheless, we collaborate with numerous prominent clients on projects throughout the United Kingdom.

South West Surveys eagerly anticipate your contact.

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South West Surveys

Quick response and great communication. Nick is very polite and considerate and completed the survey diligently and concisely. A full and detailed survey followed the next day. Excellent service, thank you.


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