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About us

Sovereign Labelling Machines Ltd, founded in 1993, is renowned for its top-notch design, reliability, and user-friendly operation, fostering enduring trust and dependability. Their stainless-steel systems are versatile and have been installed in numerous production settings worldwide.

Since joining the ENE Group in 2018, Sovereign has expanded its capabilities and expertise. Our custom labelling machinery is produced at our advanced facility in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, outfitted with cutting-edge CNC laser cutting, milling, turning, and punching equipment. Additionally, we have a top-notch stainless-steel fabrication facility that exemplifies bespoke engineering. This enables us to offer clients a wide range of solutions for all production line requirements, encompassing conveying, labelling, sleeving, and robotic handling, tailored to individual units or complete customised production lines.

We also offer fully customised conveyor systems and conveyor belting through our affiliated companies within the ENE Group.

Our Products Include:

Labelling Machines

Sovereign Labelling produces a variety of machinery, from individual units to entire production lines, capable of applying self-adhesive labels to virtually any product surface, regardless of orientation or configuration. Our systems are engineered for utmost precision, speed, flexibility, security, and hygiene standards. With a range of add-ons available for our labelling machines, we can fully customise and tailor them to meet your unique requirements. Explore our selection of label styles below to determine the perfect labelling machine for your needs.

Sleeving Machines
Sovereign provides several types of sleeve labelling machines, such as heat shrink tamper-proofing, full-body product labelling, and stretch sleeve labelling. Our systems are engineered for top-notch precision, speed, flexibility, security, and hygiene. With a variety of machinery options and add-ons available, you can fully tailor your setup to match your product requirements. All our systems feature stainless steel frames and are designed to be compact and straightforward, ensuring reliability, hygiene, and ease of use.

Drawing on extensive engineering expertise in conveying and automated handling, our Sovereign conveyors are custom-crafted, produced, and installed to optimise product flow and enhance workload efficiency. Our end-of-line conveyors are tailored to complement all your conveying needs. We offer a diverse selection of new and pre-owned conveyor belts that deliver proven performance across a range of industries, including corrugated, automotive, food and packaging, bakery, meat, snack food, and vegetable preparation. Our conveying systems are designed with ergonomics in mind, meeting manual handling requirements. We also provide modular belts for various applications such as drying, proving, cooling, chilling, or freezing. Additionally, our dedicated team of engineers is available for prompt conveyor servicing and repairs, ensuring your conveyor systems remain in optimal condition.

Robotic Handling Systems
With extensive expertise in automated robotic handling, Sovereign Labelling serves as a TOSHIBA Robot integrating partner, having successfully installed numerous systems worldwide. We utilise both SCARA and 6-AXIS robots for tasks such as loading/unloading products or orienting and presenting challenging components to the labelling system. Each robotic machine is seamlessly integrated into the control system of the machine, ensuring swift and precise setup and changeovers. Recognising the significance of maintenance in safeguarding such substantial investments, we not only engineer some of the most advanced robotic handling machines in the industry but also offer repair and servicing for robotic handling machines, ensuring they remain in optimal condition and keeping you ahead of the curve.

Check Weighers
Crafted and engineered for manufacturing environments characterised by elevated humidity levels or requiring frequent sanitisation. Selecta automatically assesses the weight of all items on the production line, dismissing those that deviate from predetermined parameters and signalling any irregularities detected.

Weigh Price Labellers
Galaxi represents the contemporary series of weigh-price labelling systems designed specifically for the food industry. Featuring an AISI304 stainless steel framework and conveyor belts equipped with a rapid-release system, it facilitates effortless cleaning and maintenance procedures.

All of our machinery is produced at our facility in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, outfitted with state-of-the-art CNC laser cutting, milling, turning, and punching equipment. Additionally, we have one of the most exceptional stainless-steel fabrication facilities in the nation, enabling us to offer clients a comprehensive range that encompasses everything from individual units to fully customised production lines.

We manufacture all of our machinery at our facility in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, which is equipped with advanced CNC laser cutting, milling, turning, and punching machinery. Moreover, our outstanding stainless-steel fabrication facility allows us to provide clients with a diverse range of options, from standalone units to tailor-made production lines.

Alongside our labelling and sleeving systems, we provide a comprehensive selection of Conveyors, Conveyor Belting, and Components that comply with FDA and HACCP standards.


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