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Futronics has earned a reputation for delivering the most innovative, reliable and feature rich products available in the emergency vehicle market and to the Home Office. This reputation is vital to our continued success and is something that our customers value highly and out competitors envy. Futronics is delighted that Tenkay continues to be a totally dependable part of its close-knit supply chain. The value of Tenkay's reliable, high quality manufacturing to Futronics is measured not in terms of financial transactions, but in the growing number of positive reactions from out customers. When asked to quote MTBF figures, Futronics can confidently quote that there are virtually no failures of any of the assemblies produced by Tenkay. Futronics would like to take this opportunity to thank Tenkay and all its staff who help to make our business the growing success that it is around the world today.


After some years of working with suppliers & subcontractors it’s nice to know that Tenkay are still there doing what they do well. Improving their service & offering new ideas to customers is something I take for granted . I have been doing business with Tenkay for close to 18 years, I have got to know many of the staff & Directors during this time. Some have moved on, some are new, but a lot of them are long serving. There have been many changes over these years, most of them have had a good positive affect on our business. We like dealing with Tenkay as they are willing to listen & react quickly when they need to. Good business is all about team work & Tenkay offer their customers the chance to join the team & get involved in making the production of products better. We see them as an extension to our own workshop. So thanks Team, keep moving forward.


We have been a customer of Tenkay Electronics for about five years, and have always found them to be an extremely professional company. Delivery times are adhered to, and the few problems we have encountered, have been rectified quickly. We would have no hesitation in recommending them.