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Trotec Laser Ltd

  • 0191 (Display number) 0191 580 1184
9 Didcot Way
Boldon Business Park
Boldon Colliery Tyne and Wear NE35 9PD United Kingdom

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About us

Established in 1991, Trotec Laser Ltd have over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of industry-leading laser machines that are designed for a variety of applications.  We have over 750 employees worldwide and 51 showrooms across the globe. 

We are widely recognised for our knowledge and experience within the laser technology industry, offering a range of laser engravers and cutters, large-format laser cutting machines and laser marking machines.  We are constantly setting new standards for success and are fully committed to providing excellent service.

We at Trotec Laser cover a wide range of applications, including but not limited to dataplates and tags, electronic components, games and toys, medical technology, rubber stamp making, mobile phones and mobile phone cases, watch manufacturing, machining tools, signage and display making, signs and badges, glasses, bottles and mugs engraving, soft signage, personalisation, graphic finishing, traceability, education and schools, laser machines in manufacturing, awards and trophy engraving, arts and crafts, laser cutting, laser engraving and many more.

Over the years, we have carried out a number of successful customer projects for well-established businesses and organisations such as Tocana Ltd, Voegeler Creations, Green Grass Design, Stangel PHU, LumaMedia, Sony Corporation, Werpunk, Ameritape, Treetop Treasures, AllSigns Visual Communication, S Taylor & Son, Betsy Benn, Learn Create Sell, Graffiti Shield, TADAM, MakeCover, TM Sign Solutions, Werner & Plank, Eremit Display, Mister Druck, Howden Turbo, Integrity Laser, Ikonics, Fleva Products, Puget Systems, ABB Ltd, Made by Tune, Tapir and Hannah Nunn Ltd.

Since establishment, our company has been fully committed to ensuring a faster, simpler and more profitable solution that is second to none.  Our main vision here at Trotec is to be a home for all laser users, offering high-end products that are supplied across 90 countries.  There are a multitude of materials suitable for laser engraving and cutting such as anodised aluminium, acrylic, leather, faux leather, cork, glass, fabric, metal, MDF, plastics, paper, PES films, PE foam, plastic sheets, plywood, veneered wood, stone, rubber and more.

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Trotec Laser Ltd

Excellent & extremely professional company to deal with and their machines and service speak for themselves.


Trotec Laser Ltd

I made a general enquiry online via Trotec Laser inc, and received a prompt email response advising my enquiry had been forwarded to Trotec Laser UK .I then received a phone call from the team this morning, such a pleasant and most helpful person. She took the time to understand and appreciate my enquiry, offering further information and technical advice.The customer facing side of an organisation is so important, first impressions highly influence and encourage potential sales. This company ticks all my boxes for sure.


Trotec Laser Ltd

Thorough, professional and friendly service. Can’t ask for more.


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