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At Universal Commercial Relocation Ltd, we provide an extensive array of services related to office moves and commercial relocations. Whether your organisation is conducting internal moves, relocating to a new location, or transitioning to a hybrid workplace model, we are here to assist you throughout the process.

As a component of our office relocation service, we offer assistance in planning the move, taking a comprehensive approach to the project and overseeing change management throughout your office relocation program. This encompasses internal relocations that may necessitate general porterage services or large-scale moves to different locations. Our range of services extends to IT and server relocation, along with conducting file mapping and packing to maintain organisational order. We ensure environmentally friendly clearance if required.

Commercial relocation encompasses a wide range of tasks, including safe and vault removals, library and archive relocation, museum removals, and plant/machinery removals, all of which we possess extensive experience in handling. Additionally, we offer our services to various types of buildings and organisations beyond the conventional office move sphere. This includes educational institutions, archives, hospitals, laboratories, gyms, and more.

Our Services Include:

Office Moves

Our expertise includes detailed move planning, project and change management, and efficient office relocation, whether it involves external moves or internal office shifts with porterage. We excel in IT and server relocation, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. Our services also cover meticulous file mapping and packing to maintain order during the move, as well as environmentally responsible clearance. Additionally, we support office reconfiguration, particularly during COVID-19, to help you adapt to new workplace requirements. Our goal is to manage every aspect of your office move with precision and care, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

Commercial Relocation
We excel in library and archive relocation, handling delicate materials with utmost care. Our expertise extends to museum removals, preserving artifacts during transportation. Additionally, we facilitate plant and machinery removals, ensuring efficient relocation of industrial equipment. For educational institutions, we provide seamless school, college, and university relocations, supporting academic transitions with precision. Moreover, we offer specialised hospital and laboratory removals, adhering to strict regulatory standards for medical and research facilities. Our services also cover gym relocations, ensuring fitness facilities are relocated with minimal disruption. With our dedicated team and extensive experience, we deliver tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each commercial relocation project.

Office Services
Our offerings include secure records storage, providing a safe and organised solution for important documents. We offer crate hire services for convenient storage and transportation of office items. Confidential shredding services ensure the secure disposal of sensitive documents, maintaining privacy and compliance with regulations. Our team specialises in furniture installation and fitting, optimising workspace functionality and aesthetics. We also prioritise sustainability with furniture recycling options. For added security, we provide secure storage facilities, safeguarding valuable assets. Additionally, our office repairs and refurbishment services ensure that workspaces remain functional and visually appealing. With our wide range of services, we aim to support bus

… And Services…

Further office services encompass a diverse range of offerings, spanning from records storage, crate hire, and confidential shredding to secure storage. Regarding office furniture, we provide assistance with installation, fitting, and recycling. Additionally, we offer reconfiguration services where applicable, along with general repairs.

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive industry expertise, collectively contributing many years of experience. We take pride in fostering a robust teamwork ethic and prioritising ethical practices as experts in business relocation services. Our approach revolves around considering all facets of the move, including health and safety measures, environmental impact mitigation, and ongoing innovation to enhance office relocation processes. We strive to cultivate a stellar reputation for exceptional customer service.

On our website, you can view past client projects, explore our accreditations, and access detailed information about relocation services through our downloadable guides. Stay informed with our blog updates. For additional details, feel free to contact us, and a member of our team will be readily available to assist you.

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Universal Commercial Relocation

Good office move firm, the IT solutions is a good service too.


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