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About us

Universeal UK Ltd specialises in producing and delivering a diverse array of security seals, ranging from high-security bolt seals and cable seals to plastic indicative seals, hospital seals, metal strip seals, cable ties, printed cable ties, and beyond.

We cater to a broad spectrum of clients throughout the UK, serving major NHS Trusts, health authorities, large multinational transport and logistics companies, banks, airlines, supermarkets, councils, and various SMEs. Additionally, we hold exclusive supplier status for providing security seals for EuroTunnel.

Universeal UK Ltd is a constituent of the global Universeal Group of Companies. Together, we collaborate to provide a comprehensive, competitive, and innovative selection of security seals and services tailored to all sectors of industry and commerce.

Our Products Include:

Security Seals

Security seals offer a visual deterrent and tamper-evident protection for cargo and valuable assets, deterring unauthorised access. A diverse array of security seals is available, and for guidance in selecting the most suitable one for your needs, please refer to our informative guide. Our extensive range of security seals is designed to accommodate various applications, featuring lengths ranging from 16cm to 51cm, diameters spanning from 1.3mm narrow to 5mm heavy-duty gauges, and break strengths varying from easy-break 5KgF seals to some of the market's strongest 2000KgF+ barrier seals.

Ties, Tags & Tapes
Universeal UK provides an extensive selection of ties, tags, and labels for asset and inspection identification, offering effective organisational solutions across diverse industries. Renowned globally for their durability, versatility, and user-friendly design, our high-quality products are trusted by businesses. Whether you require labelling for products, inventory management, asset tracking, or security enhancement, our ID ties, tags, and security asset labels are the optimal choice.

Security Packaging
Security packaging encompasses a wide range of tamper-evident and protective packaging solutions that aid organizations in safeguarding the secure transportation of goods and cargo. Our specialised packaging products provide protection against various risks during the transit of goods, addressing concerns such as water ingress, shock protection, and more.

Lockout Safety
Universeal offers an array of safety products, encompassing safety padlocks, lockout hasps, valve lockouts, and electrical lockout devices, among other items. Demonstrating a dedication to quality and adherence to safety regulations, Universeal UK Ltd strives to empower businesses in diverse industries to establish secure work environments. Their Lockout Safety products play a pivotal role in reducing the risk of accidents and injuries, fostering a workplace culture centered around safety and responsibility.

Globally, our Security Seals are employed to safeguard and seal various items, including cash bags, clinical waste, cages, containers, curtain siders, doors, enclosures, forensic bags, lorries, medical cabinets, railway cars, roll cages, oil drums, pallets, sacks, tankers, trucks, trailers, tote boxes, trolleys, and valves.

Universeal UK Ltd is affiliated with the global Universeal Group of Companies, collaborating to provide a comprehensive, competitive, and innovative array of security seals and services catering to all industries and commerce sectors.

With more than 25 years’ of expertise and a multitude of content customers, we take pride in our approachable and knowledgeable service. Whether it's a sizable or modest security requirement, we provide a swift, dependable service and exceptional value-for-money products.

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Universeal UK Ltd

I've been using Universeal for a number of years now. First class service and product service, very difficult to fault.


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