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Tis the Sneezon

19 November 2012

Man-flu and normal codes can be particularly lethal at this time of year

Man-flu can be particularly lethal at this time of year, as can the regular lady strains of viruses. Luckily your good friends here at Bio Labs have it covered, your nose that is, with our wide selection of brand able tissue packs and hand sanitisers to catch and kill those winter bugs and keep you going about your everyday business of over-spending on Christmas shopping and excavating your way into work through the inevitable snow.

We have a number of tissue options available including, a pack of 7 x 2-ply tissues in a clear poly pack, Box of 100 tissues in a printed box, a unique Tissue Drinks Cup holding 30 tissues, a new Twin Wet wipe / Tissue box and the ever popular pack 10 tissues in a printed poly pack All available for branding so if you would like a mock-up creating or just want to discuss the best option for your campaign get in touch with us.

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