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03 September 2013

To make our customers happy we've brought back the Brandy top in Cerise.

There was a high demand for this brightly coloured scrub top by Marc Ecko so we decided to relaunch it along with our staple colours e.g. navy, white, ceil and black.

The Brandy top has always been popular with the nurses. The top offers a fitted look with side slits and an elastic back waist. These features along with its styled shoulder seams give a flattering and feminine shape to the otherwise basic tunic.

What people love about the top are the two large side pockets which can fit all your daily essentials. Healthcare professionals like the deep pockets so that they're not constantly losing stuff throughout the work day! We would suggest the Ecko Tiffany trousers in matching colours for a full set. With a bootleg cut and a drawstring waist these scrub trousers make for a fitted style head to toe when paired with the Brandy.

The Ecko range has a high cotton count making it very breathable and comfortable. These characteristics make these scrubs ideal for nurses uniforms. Currently we have the Brandy special running over at We are selling the Brandy for just £15! So don’t miss out on your chance to look chic at work.

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