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NewCoDent MDU-7 powers dental care provision in Nepal

20 February 2014

We arrived in Nepal and as promised by Siggi Jokumsen Managing Director of Newcodent Ltd in United Kingdom our order had been delivered to our hotel, we carried the two boxes with us to the school where we were setting up our dental clinic and here you see me Gerco unpacking our MDU7-24 V unit.

In my hand I am holding the water/air tank which fits into the back of the unit, this is a brilliant design.

I then unpacked the remaining box containing the Newcodent Saliva suction unit and assembled it which took just a few minutes. I found a wooden box which I was going to use as my work station and then placed the MDU7 dental unit on this. As the electricity in Nepal is intermittent we used mains when it was available and a generator when it wasn’t.

Siggi donated the new Newcodent LED cold spot light which is free standing. The light can be adjusted down so it is directed into the patient’s mouth a remarkable light we have to say. Here you see my colleague and I, Dr Willem de Lint as we admire the purchases which were financed via The Lions Club of Katwijk back home in the Netherlands to whom we send our thanks

We were now ready to start work and it had only taken some 15 minutes to set up for our first patient. Here you can see the focus of the LED light into the mouth.

My local dental nurse had now arrived and we started the first days work with the new Newcodent MDU7.

The units did exactly what Siggi had promised we worked flat out for the whole of our trip, and now look forward to our next venture to Nepal.

We would like to thank Siggi for his unique design and hope our recommendation for his products will help other dentist around the world in their daily work. This unit will also be a great asset as a stand by unit in any dental clinic.

The unit supplied by Newcodent products, the MDU7 and saliva suction unit did exactly as is had been demonstrated and worked very well in Nepal.

It has been a pleasure to do business with Siggi and his wife Shantie and must say they are professional and reliable people who know the portable dental business inside out! We take pleasure in recommending Siggi, his team and the company’s products.

If we can be of any help in answering any questions regarding our work, feel free to drop us an email and we will reply by return.

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