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letter from the Dr in Port of Spain Trinidad.

14 September 2015

Letter Re Visit February 2015

Dear Siggi & Shantie,

I would like to thank you for coming down to Winchester to demonstrate you superb portable dental unit, it was a pleasure for me to buy your demonstration model, which I brought back to Trinidad.

When I phoned you with a small problem, you straight away said "I will be on the next plain to Port of Spain in Trinidad" I have never had this sort of service from any of my suppliers even when I had my practice in Croydon England.

The problem solved as soon as you arrived, you took the unit away and brought it back the next day in full working order. What a fantastic service.

A few photos was taken from your visit and I take pleasure in sending them herewith, if you can use for your web pages feel free as it will give us both some publicity.

With best regards to a very nice couple and thank you for your service and I hope you enjoyed your stay in Trinidad & Tobago

Dr John Bharath

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