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05 February 2015

Award winning modular cleanroom specialist, Connect 2 Cleanrooms has extended their product range in the fight against static electricity. Working together with Fraser Anti-static, specialists in industrial static electricity problems, Connect 2 Cleanrooms offer a variety of technologies including static monitoring meters, ionised airguns, ionising and ionstorm bars.

Many mission critical environments can be seriously affected by static electricity, significantly increasing the level of contamination and causing discomfort to employees. The new range provides clients with the ability to monitor and identify static problems within processes from which static controls can be instigated. The static meter is easy to use and can be used across all sectors and in all ISO 14644-1 classes of cleanrooms.

The ionised airguns perform the ultimate in static elimination – ionised air is blown at high speed towards objects or processes and the ionisation kills the static electricity allowing harmful particles to be dissipated and ensuring surfaces remain static free to alleviate further contaminate retention. Also new to the range are ionising and ionstorm bars that can be used at filter faces within cleanrooms to neutralise static airflow and are ideal for process, flow and assembly lines.

Managing director of Connect 2 Cleanrooms, Joe Govier, explained the reason for the growing static detection and protection range.

“We understand the need to supply clients with solutions for their mission critical environments and static charges could affect processes in so many negative ways, from downtime in production to costly product recalls caused by contamination.”

Connect 2 Cleanrooms offer the improved range of static monitoring and static solution products through   

Fraser manufactures a complete range of equipment - from market leading, advanced technology products, to simple passive static eliminator. We use a variety of technologies - AC, DC, Pulsed DC - to offer the customer the most appropriate solutions.

modular pre-engineered version of the FM Approved Puracore® Aluminium Honeycomb cleanroom wall and ceiling panel system as an additional structural option to their hard wall modular cleanroom range. The Puracore® cleanroom panel system will be customised by C2C as an off-site pre-engineered version that will bring increased customer choice when planning cleanroom solutions.  The Puracore® flush finish enables Connect 2 Cleanrooms to offer a top specification Modular hardwall system that can be customised to include all cleanroom component features including transfer hatches and steel skinned doors.

Joe Govier, Managing Director of Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd said,

“We are pleased to offer the Puracore® panel system as part of our Modular Range. As the highest FM Approved cleanroom panel manufactured in the UK, we were extremely aware of Puracore®’s high profile in the Cleanroom Market, the ISO 9001 stamp of quality and the capability to tailor the system for our needs makes it the obvious choice as we look to offer our clients a complete range of Modular Cleanrooms. With its lightweight construction, walk on ceilings and range of pre formed accessories we can ensure that all of our Puracore® based modular cleanrooms will be extremely robust and quick to assemble on site, offering an enhanced cleanroom solution for mission critical environments. We see the introduction of the customised Puracore® cleanroom panel system as a winning option to our modular cleanroom range.”

Kevin Gillham, CEO of Gilcrest Manufacturing Ltd (Puracore® System Manufacturer). Said,

‘We are delighted that our FM Approved Puracore® Aluminium Honeycomb cleanroom panel system has been selected and introduced to Connect 2 Cleanrooms’s modular hardwall cleanroom range, becoming utilised by one of the most reputable and experienced modular cleanroom provider in the UK.

As an alternative to on-site traditional installation, Puracore® and all its benefits will now be available to those seeking to have off-site pre-engineered solutions. We see this as a separate market to our established supply chain and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with Connect 2 Cleanrooms.’

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