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ACT Retail New Pin and Proximity Reader

13 November 2008

The new pin and proximity reader from ACT has been built as the perfect reader for small access control installations.

Safelink now retails the new ACT5prox which builds on the success of the ACT5 keypad Access Control technology.  The new product has a built-in proximity detector and is a simple and easy to install standalone access product.

Each unit is also contained in a stylish poly-carbonate housing with stainless steel keys and potted electronics which means that it can be installed internally or externally.  Keypad backlighting enhances functionality at night or in poor light conditions and the ACT 5prox may be surface or flush mounted on to a standard single gang 
electrical back box.

The ACT 5prox is a combined PIN and Proximity reader and is especially useful for smaller applications with less than 50 users.  It's actually a very cost effective solution for this quantity and comes highly recommended by Safelink.

Main ACT 5Prox Features

  • 50 Users with unique Pin Codes and / or ACTProx Cards. (Operating modes are Proximity, PIN and Proximity or PIN only).
  • Keypad Backlighting
  • Incorrect code lockout
  • 5 amp door relay output
  • Users can be deleted if a card is lost or a Pin Code forgotten

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