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Sec2 Security is extremely pleased to welcome a new addition to our sales team.

25 August 2015

Mr. James Driver, who is an experienced audio and induction loop specialist, joined us earlier this year. James has gained a wealth of experience within the industry, working with financial institutions, leading UK retailers, through to individual bespoke projects.

Those who knew him at his previous company will need no introduction; however, those who don’t will appreciate James’ enthusiasm and industry knowledge. Coupled with a professional approach to his work, James will provide an excellent service to our customers.

James said that one of the main reasons for joining the company was Sec2 Security’s commitment to total customer satisfaction, with the ability to provide individual solutions to complex projects. He also stated that the ability to provide a complete range of security and audio products would enable him to offer a more holistic approach to any project; an option that he felt was limited elsewhere.

James’ contact details are: T:07483169922

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