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  • 019 (Display number) 01992 446 400
Integ House
Woodlands Business Park
Rougham Industrial Estate
Bury St. Edmunds Suffolk IP30 9ND United Kingdom

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About us

Sec2 Security & Security Audio Systems (SecAudio) are manufacturers and installers of security products & speech systems designed for environments where secure or enhanced speech transfer is required. They are used in numerous industry sectors such as banks, building societies, post offices, retail centres, rail ticket offices, sport stadiums, local and national government departments.

Based in Hertfordshire, Sec2 Security has been supplying industries with high quality communication and security systems when there is a security risk. Their range of speech transfer systems cater for all types of screens, counters and windows no matter of the shape and size allowing the clerk and customer to speak freely as if the screen wasn’t there. Sec2 has also expanded their range of communication systems to CCTV systems, queue management systems, DDA products and public address systems as well as cash management.

Our Product Range Includes:

  •     Access control
  •     Audio Cash & Document Transfer Trays
  •     Bulk Transfer Units
  •     Bureau de Change Security Kiosks
  •     Cash pass through trays
  •     Cash Drawers & Cabinets
  •     CCTV
  •     Doorsets (Security & Fire Escape)
  •     Duress Protection
  •     Electronis Speech Transfer Systems
  •     EPOS Systems
  •     Induction loops
  •     Intercom systems
  •     Kiosks for Ticket Offices
  •     Pedestal Units
  •     Portable loops
  •     Public address systems
  •     Safes
  •     Screens for Security Counters
  •     Shared Bathroom Interlocks
  •     Steel Doors
  •     Steel Kitchen Furniture
  •     Queue management systems
  •     Rotary Payment Tray
  •     Vibrating paging alert systems
  •     Wireless call systems
  •     Wireless disabled room alarms
Sec2 Security like to be involved in any part of the project at an early stage ensuring that the correct products are specified for the individual use of the business. Our electronic speech products and loops are guaranteed with a 2 year warranty if they were installed by a Sec2 Engineer, a warranty that ensures peace of mind.

We also supply main contractors, sub-contractors, designers and architects who may wish to arrange their own installation with our free advice line if needed.

Site surveys are also undertaken on behalf of clients to ensure optimum performance is achieved. Visit the Sec2 Security website for further information.

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Sec2 Security

We are a reseller of SEC2 SECURITY speech transfer products and have been so for some time.Apart from the competitive prices they provide, we rely a lot of the time on their technical advice. We are quite happy to let Sec2 talk to our customers direct in the full knowledge that they will respect that relationship and won’t try to deal with them other than through us. Our clients are happy because they benefit from a direct technical back up service and we are happy that our clients are happy!


Sec2 Security

As a high profile PLC we have to have faith in our suppliers.We have been using Sec 2 Security for the last couple of years using their Audio speech transfer and Cash handling under counter pedestal units. We have found the service very proactive, and the product quality good. Sec 2 have proven to be very reliable and trustworthy.


Sec2 Security

We use a number of Sec2 products and find them extremely good value. We also value the support of the company when we, or our customers’ needs technical assistance. Very happy!


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