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26 January 2016

Clarian UK Ltd is the exclusive UK agent for Heatfor, one of the worlds best known and highly respected manufacturers of industrial silicon mat heaters, wire wound, etch foil and kapton heaters.

As an addition to our wire wound heaters we provide etched foil heaters to meet the demands of the OEM market. This enables us to offer flexible heaters in polyamide and Polyester insulation. Available in higher power densities with an exceptionally uniform heat output, all heater mats are manufactured to conform to the EEC Low Voltage and EMC Directives and are CE marked accordingly.

The etched foil element type is created by acid etching a circuit in resistance alloy foil. This process ensures excellent circuit pattern repeatability and allows the design of complex heat distribution patterns within the heater area.  Etched foil elements are able to operate at very high watt densities, this is due to the large surface area covered by the foil track. The flat foil track also gives excellent uniformity and faster heat transfer resulting in longer heater life in high power applications.

Etched foil heaters are available in three types of insulation;

Silicone Rubber

Has superb electrical insulating properties and a high temperature tolerance. The maximum continuous operating temperature is 200°C with short-term excursions to 230° C.


Polyamide is a thin lightweight organic polymer film that provides excellent tensile strength, tear resistance and dimensional stability. Ideal for applications requiring low outgassing or resistance to radiation, chemicals and solvents. Operating temperature range up to +260° C


Low cost alternative to silicone rubber and kapton. Polyester is suitable for low temperature applications up to 120° C.

Here below main features our flexible heating elements have in common:

  • Possibility to customize shape, dimensions, voltage , power and configuration of the element.
  • Extremely thin element.
  • Uniform surface heating distribution.
  • Possibility to get different specific power on the same element.
  • Easy to fix by adhesive film.
  • Possibility to control the temperature by a temperature control on the heater like thermostat, PT100, J/K probes, thermo fuses etc.
  • Heating loss reduction.
  • Voltage range from 1 to 400V.
  • Possibility to have double voltage supply 115-230V on the same element.

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