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Heat treatment and surface finishing of steel parts

07 March 2016

Inductoheat have offered for many years a range of Induction heating services from job shop treatments to supply and repair of tooling. They are now extending their offer further to complimentary and competing processes.

Inductoheat use induction heating for hardening and annealing steel parts. They also join various and dissimilar metals by induction brazing or soldering typically with specialist silver alloys, Shrink fitting is another induction heating application undertaken.

In addition the company build and repair tooling for these uses for their customers as well as their own needs and supply fluxtrol ( for magnetic control ) Inductoheat now offer a range of furnace treatments, including carburising and case hardening, nitriding, vacuum heat treatments, precipitation hardening, tempering and stress relieving.

To further the finishing of customers parts, whether induction hardened or otherwise we also offer finish grinding, grit and bead blasting and chemical blacking.

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