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Colossus joins PLM Colonnade and Trojan range

13 March 2009

PLM Lumination has recently expanded its' UniLED light fitting range with the addition of a new 3w Colossus light fitting.

The eco-friendly low-wattage luminaire offers outstanding performance and comes in a high, quality, well-designed finish.

The 60mm round diameter fitting is available as a colonnade, pivot or spike style for illuminating sculptures, walls, and other desired locations in both architectural and landscape situations. It is housed in 316 marine grade stainless steel, with toughened glass lens and come with 5 LED colours. The fitting will also accept an MR16 Halogen lamp.

The Colossus light is designed to operate at 24-volt from the UniLED range of universal switch mode power supplies. The unique UniLED power supply is compact in size and specifically designed for external use and can be used worldwide.

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