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PLM Illumination installs LED street lighting on Acklam Bridge

18 May 2009

PLM Illumination Ltd recently completed the installation of innovative LED street lights on Acklam Bridge near Westbourne Park in London.

PLM had been tasked with finding an LED lighting solution, for what was a poorly lit footbridge, by Miles Watson of Urban Eye,  who is spearheading regeneration work in the area.

Existing lighting on the approaches to the bridge consisted of five 150 watt Metal Halide street lights. The covered section of the bridge had been fitted with a "Light Pipe", illuminated from each end by a 150 Watt Metal Halide light source. A total of over 1 Kilo Watt of lighting which failed to produce safe, uniform, and acceptable lighting levels.

PLM Illumination redefined the lighting plan for Urban Eye, then designed, manufactured, and installed the thirteen LED street light fittings which can be seen in the “after” photograph. This has reduced the energy consumption on the bridge from 1.05 Kilo Watts to 300 Watts while providing better, safer and more uniform lighting for the local residents. An energy saving and Carbon Footprint reduction of over 75%.

Maintenance costs are also dramatically reduced because the LED light fittings supplied are not expected to require any attention for over five years.

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