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January Roundup: Hardware

11 February 2020

And just like that January was gone! There is some good news though - only 11 months to Christmas!

Let’s look at what we’ve been doing here at LaneSystems.

New Year’s Resolutions

We’re eager to find out what you chose this year. Did you go for the good old favourites such as eating healthy food and exercising more? What about in business though? Our suggestion to you is to assess existing IT equipment and support. Could it be better? You won’t know until you request a free audit.

Over on Twitter

If you want to learn some fantastic handy keyboard tips you must follow us on Twitter. ‘Need to rename your file but keep opening it instead? Try clicking the file and pressing F2’. That’s just one example of how our team can help make your working day a little easier. In addition we do love a good chat on Twitter and you will find some motivational quotes as well as the odd joke.

What creature has the best aptitude for engineering?
The spider - it has its own website!

Windows 7 is no More

Well, that’s not strictly true. Windows 7 continues to exist but as of earlier in January there is no longer any support available. You should have updated to Windows 10 by now but if you haven’t, please make this your February resolution! Without this updated version you’re leaving yourself open to a security breach.

Hardware Updates for Windows 10

Everything you need to know about this subject can be found in this blog. We tell you how to gain a license, how to get updates effectively from Windows 7 and more. In this post you will learn about the most recent updates to Windows 10 and how these are beneficial to your business and PC.

How to Stop Hardware Updates on Windows 10

Now this may seem like a bizarre notion but sometimes, hardware updates can remove specifically stored settings. Should this be a factor you wish to ignore, this blog provides great guidelines on the prevention of automatic updates.
Seek Advice from the Professionals

When it comes to hardware updates, if you don’t feel confident, we recommend speaking to the professionals.  At LaneSystems we provide a free IT audit and are here to fully support your company.



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