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Figaro’s new TGS 2616 hydrogen sensor ensures safety in an expanding hydrogen energy market

24 October 2023

Hydrogen generation and consumption is on the increase as cleaner, renewable energy supplies are sought to replace CO2-emitting fossil fuels. H2 is an innately clean energy source producing simply heat and water upon combustion.

Hydrogen, being a small lightweight molecule introduces application challenges; it’s difficult to contain, it leaks from the smallest of cracks and when mixed with air it can become explosive. It has an explosive concentration range 4x that of common combustible, so for safety reasons, leaks must be detected early.

Figaro Engineering offer hydrogen sensors to meet a wide range of application needs;

Semi-conductor  TGS 2616  highly selective, compact, low power consumption 30-3000 ppm (to 7.5% LEL) range.

Catalytic  TGS 6812 sensor and CGM 6812 pre-calibrated module high accuracy, long life,  0-40,000 ppm ( to 100% LEL) range.

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