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Jayne Morgan: Exemplifying NEBOSH Diploma Excellence

06 February 2024

We were privileged to catch up with NEBOSH Diploma graduate and Best Overall Candidate award winner Jayne Morgan, Health & Safety Director for James Hall & Co. She shared her experience with Astutis and encouraged those considering the NEBOSH Diploma.

The NEBOSH Diploma stands as the industry benchmark for all Health & Safety professionals who want to take their professional lives to the next level. A monumental achievement in and of itself – capturing the NEBOSH Award for Best Candidate, in addition to this, requires an exceptional amount of diligence, hard work and determination. Our Astutis community exemplifies these values – with 85% passing their NEBOSH Level 6 Diploma exams on their first attempt.

"It was challenging, but I really enjoyed how it was done. I did the Diploma virtually and built excellent relationships with the other learners. I think the course was very interactive regarding taking things back to work. It had a practical application. When issues come up now, I know where to look and what to do."

The NEBOSH Diploma is considered the epitome of Health & Safety courses – for that reason, it has a rigorous process designed to develop graduates into the go-to experts within their organisations. Jayne made full use of the course contents that help learners identify complex issues that could go unnoticed with an untrained eye.

"I really enjoyed the NEBOSH General Certificate beforehand, and I wanted to reach another level of depth and understanding to really progress in my role."

"My biggest takeaway from the Diploma is the extent to which the workplace can impact employees. We learned a lot about occupational health issues that aren't obvious in the workplace because sometimes it's the things that you can't see that are impacting employees."

Jayne believes the Diploma to be not just an expansion of learners' knowledge – but an absolute necessity if you're looking to reach the next stage of your career in the industry.

"I think if you're a health and safety professional or you work in an environment where there are things that can affect employees, your understanding is developed so much with this course and like I keep saying, it's all about applying things and not just reading it and learning it verbatim. You have to apply to it.

"The Diploma is not just about health and safety. It’s about leadership, it's about management, it's about working with people. It's about understanding different people's roles in the business, how they can influence health and safety, and how you can encourage them to build a safer workplace."

Every year, NEBOSH select three recipients of the Best Candidate award for each Unit. They also select an Overall Best Candidate. Jayne is one of the exceptional cases in that she received a Best Candidate award for National Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals Unit 1 as well as Best Candidate for National Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals Overall. This achievement is a testament to her admirable approach and mindset throughout the Diploma – for which she couldn't be prouder.

"I don't think I've got my head around it properly. I'm really proud and grateful. I had a lot of incredible support from Astutis and my co-learners. It didn't feel like studying. I enjoyed the whole experience, and I think that contributed a lot."

We're incredibly proud of what Jayne and our learners achieved in 2023. Building an ethos of excellence requires everyone to be on board, and we work to ensure candidates get the best experience via our online classes.

"When I was looking at each course provider, “I loved the virtual learning that Astutis do, because it fit around my lifestyle. It was very interactive, and they've got a great reputation in the industry."

"It's given me a lot of avenues to look down in terms of where my workplace is now and where we can get to. I'm looking forward to working with my department and the people around the company –encouraging them to see things from a different perspective."

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