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Louis Pienaar: Life After the Military

28 February 2024

Louis Pienaar exemplifies the extraordinary possibilities unlocked by the Enhanced Learning Credit Administration Scheme, showcasing the remarkable opportunities they offer.

We were privileged to explore his journey in the military and the exciting trajectory he envisions for his future through our cutting-edge courses.

NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Professionals

Astutis have proudly been an approved and registered partner of Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS), so you and secure funding to study with us. We’re honoured to have ensured those eligible can receive industry-leading training in health, safety and environmental arenas through our courses.

What is ELCAs funding?
Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCAS) is a funded service from The Ministry of Defence that enables currently serving and ex-service members in the armed forces to get financial support for higher level training. This funding allows our service members to continue their journey by joining the ranks of health, safety and environmental professionals.

We recently caught up with one of our inspiring graduates, Louis Piennar, who made full use of our courses – utilising ELCAS funding.

Louis studied the NEBOSH Certificate for Environmental Management and the NEBOSH Level 6 Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals with Astutis. As a result of his hard work, Louis has recently accepted his first role outside of the military as a Safety Specialist.

For Louis, it was all about taking the commendable mindset they developed in the military and seizing the opportunity provided by ELCAS.

"I really enjoyed what I was doing with the NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate, and I wanted to expand my understanding".

The NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management educates on the myriad of environmental issues facing organisations today, making those accredited a prized asset for any organisation needing to improve its environmental impact. Louis immediately knew

"I knew the course would help me and really enjoyed what I was doing on the Environmental. I then wanted to build on what I’d already learnt by doing the Diploma."

The NEBOSH Level 6 Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals is widely recognised as the ideal health and safety management training course. It meticulously covers every detail of organisational health and safety - empowering those accredited with an invaluable skill set and understanding they can use to chart their own path.

"I studied for the NEBOSH Diploma in the Online format. It worked for me; it gave me the flexibility to learn when I wanted. I am an early riser, so learning rather early was always my preference, that and on weekends.

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