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External Varicase Notice Board prices slashed for schools

29 January 2010

Notice Board Company are offering a special price on external varicases for the education sector.

There are a number of models in the varicase range including the Varicase Single Door, Wood Effect Varicase, Post Mounted Varicase, Double Door Varicase and Rail Mounted Single & Double Door Door Varicases.

Specifications include;

Varicase Single Door: high quality robust aluminium frame, rustproof fittings, unbreakable polycarbonate door, choice of landscape or portrait format, security lock with two keys supplied, fabric pinboard insert, choice of frame colours.

Wood Effect Varicase: aluminium external board in a wood effect finish, high quality aluminium frame, powder coated frame in medium wood effect, double lockable doors, unbreakable polycarbonate glazing, security lock, pinboard backing available in various colours.

Post Mounted Varicase: aluminium frame, single polycarbonate door, security lock, double sealed for weather protection, coloured pinboard insert, 3m high black steel post, optional 75mm high title plate with vinyl letteing.

Double Door Varicase: satin silver aluminium frame, double polycarbonate door, double sealed for weather protection, coloured pinboard insert, 3m high black steel post, also available powder coated to match the frame at addtional cost.

Rail Mounted Varicase Single Door: robust aluminium frame, rustproof fittings, single polycarbonate door with security lock, steel back panel with rail fittings, choice of frame and pinboard colours, felt pinboard insert.

Rail Mounted Varicase Double Door: superior quality board, shaped aluminium frame, double polycarbonate door with hidden security lock, double door stays, steel back panel with traffic rail fixings, wide choice of frame colours including polished silver and gold.

The Notice board companys' varicase sale starts on the 1st of february and ends on the 28th of february.

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