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Notice Board Company Introduce The New Call Centre Display Board

07 February 2011

Notice Board Company are introducing their new call centre display board. The board is the ideal information point and has three sides.

In busy office and call centre environments this three sided magnetic whiteboard is an excellent use of space for notices and writing as it rotates 360 degrees on the sturdy steel pole.

The top of the unit is approximately 2 metres in height and each magnetic whiteboard is 120cm high by 56cm wide. The triple board is mounted on a metal triangular plate for rigidity and is secured at the top by a lock nut.

To prevent any sway or instability the boards are mounted on a sturdy 5cm diameter steel pole welded to a joining bracket on a 60cm round 8cm thick steel base. The three boards rotate easily on the black pole. Due to the weight of unit specialist delivery and assembly is recommended.

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