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Electric Strikes

27 May 2010

A new range by ALPRO of electric strikes quality and innovation at competitive prices.

The new range comprises the AL110 (an ANSI style footprint) strike, along with the AL2000 series of monitored strikes and the AL150 range of rim strikes, all products within the range have been tested independently and test information on the high holding forces is available on request.

Available as both fail safe and fail secure and both AC compatible (using the RM1 rectifier) and DC along with 12/24v facilities, the range boasts an innovative change over of function from fail safe to fail secure. The features built into the strikes, allow the Alpro range to be used in a variety of applications.

All strikes are available with a short and long stainless steel faceplate and 15mm, 25mm, 50mm and 75mm extension lips as required. The strike is complete with a comprehensive fixing kit, affording the customer ease of installation. The strikes are fully CE marked.

Keith Parry, Alpro’s Divisional Sales Manager says “The comprehensive performance specification of the units, coupled with the overall quality and innovation, enable us to offer a versatile product at a competitive price. Illustrating once again Alpro’s stated aim of offering quality and service to the industry in general. It’s as simple as this, if you want an AC strike; it’s the Alpro range, if you want a DC strike it’s the Alpro range.

If you want both fail safe and fail secure, it’s the Alpro range If you want excellent service it’s the Alpro range. With this new product offering the customer has a convenient “one stop shop”. Backed by a no quibble 6 year warranty, this truly is a market leading product range, from a market leading company”.

Alpro products are available in the UK from IEC Limited and through all major security product distributors.

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