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POD Displays Going Green with Natural Bamboo Banner Stands

12 August 2010

POD Displays, suppliers of a range of exhibition display options and banner stands for over 10 years have been aware of the necessity for ecological responsibility.

And in response to their customers growing desire for environmentally friendly products, they are promoting their ‘Natural Banner Stands’ range of exhibition and point of sale displays.

POD Displays have a strong focus on being eco friendly and have added an entire range of banner stands for the green conscious consumer.  The environmentally friendly roller banner stands and tension banner stands are environmentally conscious display stands. They are ideal for exhibitions, point of sale applications, trade shows displays, conferences, farm shops and all events where an environmentally friendly solution is required.

A primary component of the Natural Banner Stand range is bamboo.  Besides the biodegradability of bamboo, this fast growing raw material bamboo has more ecological qualities to offer. A newly planted bamboo sprout only needs two to four years to grow to its full size at a growing rate of up to a metre a day, and can reach a height of more than 30 m.  As a result bamboo to one of the most efficient plant materials.

The Natural Banner Stand Range from POD Displays makes an unusual alternative to aluminium banners.  The banner stands in the range are either constructed of renewable bamboo or pine timber from sustainable sources in Finland, where 100% of the banner can be recycled.

The natural structure of bamboo provides strong durability and stability, thus in terms of practical usage the natural banner stands in our range do not hold any disadvantages compared to a conventional banner stand.  They all have the same ease of use, quick assembly and lightweight features of conventional banner stands, but with a low environmental impact.

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