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HOBO monitors incubation temperatures

23 September 2010

For the last ten years, Tempcons' Hobo Datalogers have been deployed by Rookery Bay and the Conservancy of SW Florida to monitor Turtle incubation temperatures.

Sex determination of turtle hatchlings is influenced by temperature, therefore sand temperature can be used to predict the sex. So far, over 450 HOBO dataloggers have been deployed during the research.

However, the sex of the hatchlings is just one of many applications for Tempcon HOBO dataloggers. Single and multi-channel dataloggers are also available to monitor temperature, relative humidity, water & weather conditions in buildings and environment, events and digital state, or energy (kWh) usage in buildings.

As energy costs rise careful monitoring of usage is essential to prudent cost control. Tempcon offer a
range of loggers to measure and record kWh usage.

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