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BeaconMedaes launch a new generation of mVAC Medical Vaccum Plant

02 November 2010

BeaconMedæs and Atlas Copco have combined their expertise and knowledge to launch a new generation of Medical Vacuum Plant.

Increase your efficiency with the new mVAC Medical Vacuum Plant & ES-VAC Control System.

Main improvements are increased performance, usability and an advanced control system which provides remote live monitoring and SMS text and email alerts. Additionally, user friendliness is enhanced with the easy to operate central plant controller with a 5.7” colour display.

By reducing the footprint and providing easy access to serviceable parts the new mVAC plant provides better usability and easy maintenance. Function The Medical Vacuum System is used in every patient area within the hospital, from Ward areas to Operating Theatres and is used to remove body fluids of different types. User Friendliness When designing the Vacuum plant, particular emphasis was placed on user friendliness. By introducing a modular pump mounted frame greater design and installation flexibility is provided along with improved component layout.

This also leads to reduced footprint, easy access of the components and results in improved usability and faster maintenance. Advanced Monitoring When designing a new controller improvements to the monitoring systems were essential. As standard each motor control panel and the ES (electronic sequencing)–Vac central controller can be connected to the hospitals computer network. Live status of the plant can be monitored from any PC terminal including details of any system alarms, run hours, level of vacuum etc. It is also possible to include additional hardware which enables SMS text alerts and email to be sent to the user programmed contacts.

Conclusion The mVAC system meets the requirements of UK Department of Health HTM02-01 and is CE marked according to the MDD 93/42, offering our customers long lasting peace of mind. With superior controls, high efficiency vacuum pumps, easy installation and maintenance the BeaconMedæs mVAC Medical Vacuum plant is the leading product in it’s class.

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