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Hafele optimise kitchen storage space

22 July 2011

Covering an array of different corner storage systems that allows you to optimise space within your Kitchen, Hafele provide greater functionality with a variety of solutions.

Whether it be a large or small project, commercial or residential, the kitchen storage options available can help you source smart cabinet solutions that fulfil your storage needs easily with a full range from full-height pull-out larders to under counter units such as slide pull-outs and carousel systems. The Hafele offerings also provide the ability to retro-fit.

Swing Out Corner

Providing greater functionality with refined features, such as automatic pull-out action including integrated 3D adjustment and central height alignment allows this clever unit to be fitted perfectly.

The rear baskets automatically follow the front baskets upon opening of the cabinet door, which then swing away allowing the user complete access to the rear baskets, and with integrated damping the door comes to a quiet, smooth close. 

Available to suit  900mm, 1000mm and 1200mm cabinets and with a variety of basket options.

Recorner Maxx

The Recorner Maxx is a pole free corner cabinet solution providing a clever solution to storage space.  It can be retro fitted into existing cabinets with an unhanded side fitting allowing an adjustable shelf height to be fitted into various cabinet heights.

With no central pole this corner unit allows bulky items to be stored easily as the shelves are suspended by a diagonal strut allowing each tray to rotate independently of each other. 

Designed to hold up to 27.5kg per shelf, this corner storage unit is available for 900mm x 900mm cabinets with the option of ¾ or full shelf options. 

600mm x 600mm, 650mm x 650mm and 800mm x 800mm corner unit options are available on request.

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