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Twice within the last year I have hired a motorcycle trailer from this outfit. Their rates are competitive and their trailers well presented. The first time I collected , a light was not working on the trailer and when reported I was told very rudely it had to be a fault on my car. I knew otherwise. They checked their their trailer and indeed found a fault with a wire cut too short and detached. It took around 10/15 minutes for the chap to fix it. During this time he apologised for the owners attitude to my car wiring and explained the efforts they made to keep him away from customers as he would always upset them. Recently returned a trailer from a 4 day hire and a query arose on the paperwork. I had the trailer for 4 days and paid for that time but an incorrect return date ,made it appear I was a day late. All sorted by the manager (who was the same fella who previously fixed their wiring issue). The comment he made to me was unnecessary over a simple admin error " I wasn't here that day and it always f~~~ing happens." He checked the trailer in and all was ok. I pointed out that 1 of the ratchet straps had broken in normal use and showed him the remains. He then became "the boss" he had previously warned me about and accused me of damaging the strap and saying I would have to pay for it! I pointed put how unreasonable this was as they are consumable items and had a lifespan. Matters were made worse by a female colleague butting in with a raised voice about how straps never break and how fed up they get with customers breaking things and how they can only be bought in pairs. The strap itself was showing some signs of fraying and eventually it was agreed my deposit would be refunded in full. BUT they would not hire to me again. This particular strap is for sale in their shop SINGLY at a cost of £4.76. Now taking off the VAT the net wholesale price is probably around £2! Any firm who is prepared to bin a customer for a small amount such as this is one to avoid.