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  • 0177 (Display number) 01772 319128
Im Mittleren Osch 5
Tuttlingen 78532 Germany

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About us

Binder GmbH have 30 years experience in providing professional solutions regarding temperature test chambers and climatic test chambers for environmental test industries.

We’re proudly the UK’s only supplier of test chambers and our range includes the following:

-    Temperature chambers
-    Rain test chambers
-    Humidity chambers
-    Bench top chambers
-    Drip test chambers
-    Stability test chambers
-    Salt spray chambers
-    Sand and dust chambers
-    Thermal shock chambers
-     Heating Ovens & Chambers
-     UK After Service & Calibration
-     Battery Testing Chambers

Aside from test chambers we also supply thermal platforms, temperature plates and thermal plates. Additionally, we supply laboratory ovens, drying ovens, curing ovens and heating chambers.

We have a highly expert team who are knowledgeable on our test chamber range and the subject of testing. Their advice and support is all part of our customer services to you and its completely free.

With products come services. Our services include maintenance and servicing by our engineers who are impressively trained and available to help maintain any aspect of the equipment such electrical panels or control systems. As well as this we also offer consultancy services for any stage of your dealings with us  - before sale or after sale.

And what about customers with specific needs? We can cater for those, too, with our unique and pleasing bespoke design service aimed to work closely with the customer in achieving exactly the results the customer requires.

Please contact us or visit our website for more information or talk to one of our experts.

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Binder GmbH

Installation of unit was a breeze after running through the user guide. Holds method required temperature within the allowable 1 degree tolerance. Well insulated and unit is cool on the exterior surfaces. Only drawback is no available port for either thermometer or probe for temperature monitoring without opening door, but use an internal thermometer encased in fluid container for this purpose. One issue with the user guide for turning unit on or off was not clear, but technical support staff quickly cleared up the confusion! Unit has run flawlessly for 1 year!


Binder GmbH

It has a complete elimination of bacteria, spores, etc. I can always rely on its sterilization of the atmosphere plus all surfaces. There is a minimal sterilization cost. It has optimal and uniform cell growth throughout. The inner chamber is easy to clean.


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