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Binder GmbH

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Im Mittleren Osch 5, Tuttlingen, 78532, Germany

Binder GmbH are experienced suppliers of temperature test chambers and climatic test chambers for environmental test industries. Our range of test chambers includes humidity chambers, rain test chambers, stability test chambers, heating ovens, salt spray chambers and many others. Other products as well as servicing, maintenance, consulting and bespoke services are available.

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Installation of unit was a breeze after running through the user guide. Holds method required temperature within the allowable 1 degree tolerance. Well insulated and unit is cool on the exterior surfaces. Only drawback is no available port for either thermometer or probe for temperature monitoring without opening door, but use an internal thermometer encased in fluid container for this purpose. One issue with the user guide for turning unit on or off was not clear, but technical support staff quickly cleared up the confusion! Unit has run flawlessly for 1 year!


It has a complete elimination of bacteria, spores, etc. I can always rely on its sterilization of the atmosphere plus all surfaces. There is a minimal sterilization cost. It has optimal and uniform cell growth throughout. The inner chamber is easy to clean.