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EVO Home Lifts is at the forefront of delivering contemporary and sophisticated mobility solutions through their range of residential domestic home lifts. Their offerings are known for their inventive and elegant designs, providing cutting-edge options to enhance mobility within homes. EVO Home Lifts prioritises comfort, convenience, and accessibility in their products, which are tailored exclusively for residential environments. Their expertise lies in the supply, installation, and maintenance of a diverse selection of lifts that cater specifically to the needs of homeowners.

Whether you desire to make your current home future-proof, enhance the aesthetic appeal of your new-build, or simply enhance the functionality of your house for you and your family, the inclusion of a home lift unlocks a realm of new possibilities.
In contrast to traditional passenger lifts commonly found in places like shopping centres, home lifts are exclusively designed for residential use. They boast a straightforward yet efficient design and manufacturing process, making them easy to integrate into the blueprints of a new property or require minimal modifications to fit into an existing home.

Our Products Include:

Best Value Home Lift
The Best Value Home Lift we offer stands out as the smallest and most inconspicuous lift available in the market. It provides exceptional affordability without compromising on quality and reliability, meeting all the practical requirements one would expect.

Premium Home Lift
Our Premium Home Lift is incredibly adaptable, offering a wide range of customisation options. With the ability to travel up to 13m or six stops and a selection of six platform sizes, it can be tailored to fit precise spatial or aesthetic needs. This customisation comes without any compromise on quality and reliability, ensuring a high standard of performance.

Vitesse Through-Floor Lift
The Vitesse home lift offers a spacious cabin that can accommodate either a wheelchair user or 2-3 individuals standing comfortably between floors. It efficiently utilises minimal floor space in your home while building upon the extensive functionality found in the EVO Home Lift range.

Elesse Through-Floor Lift
Introducing Elesse, the newest inclusion in EVO Home Lifts' range of top-tier through floor lifts designed for residential use. Elesse combines practicality and elegance, providing a sophisticated solution for your home. It is ideal for accommodating one or two individuals in a standing position.

Operating our lifts is effortless, requiring the simple act of holding down a button throughout the journey. The platform smoothly moves within an internal lift shaft using a robust and dependable screw and nut mechanism, ensuring a quiet and seamless ride experience. Our lifts are capable of traveling from two to six floors, with a travel height ranging from 250 to 15,000mm. Additionally, we provide numerous opportunities for customisation, allowing you to tailor the appearance of the lift to harmonise with your home's decor.

Platform lifts are typically installed within a short span of two working days and only necessitate two annual service visits to ensure optimal performance. As a result, the cost of platform home lifts is significantly lower than one might anticipate, certainly more affordable than the expenses associated with relocating. According to independent research conducted by Deloitte, these lifts have shown great potential for long-term return on investment by increasing the value of your property. Furthermore, when it comes to operational costs, platform lifts exhibit exceptional energy efficiency, costing less to run than a typical washing machine.

After you have made the decision to proceed with your order, we will request a deposit from you. Typically, delivery will occur within a timeframe of 8 to 10 weeks, and we will work together to schedule a convenient installation date. Once the lift is installed, it will be commissioned, officially declared ready for use. At this point, you'll rediscover your affection for your home as it becomes more accessible and convenient than ever before.


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EVO Home Lifts

I saw the lift as a valuable feature in our home.


EVO Home Lifts

The investment was minimal in relation to other home improvement projects we’ve undertaken but I consider our new lift to have multiple advantages.


EVO Home Lifts

We were having significant modernisation and extension work done and it was logical to use this opportunity to futureproof our home by incorporating a lift.


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