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International House, Southampton International Business Park, George Curl Way, Southampton, Hampshire, SO18 2RZ, United Kingdom

EVO Home Lifts is a leading provider of residential domestic home lifts, offering innovative and stylish mobility solutions. With a strong focus on comfort, convenience, and accessibility, EVO Home Lifts specialises in supplying, installing, and maintaining a wide range of lifts designed specifically for residential settings. From compact and space-saving options to luxurious and customisable designs, their home lifts cater to diverse needs and preferences. EVO Home Lifts is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families by providing safe, reliable, and user-friendly home lift solutions.

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I saw the lift as a valuable feature in our home.


The investment was minimal in relation to other home improvement projects we’ve undertaken but I consider our new lift to have multiple advantages.


We were having significant modernisation and extension work done and it was logical to use this opportunity to futureproof our home by incorporating a lift.


We are already seeing many benefits; even though I don’t presently need the lift on medical grounds much of the time, it is extremely helpful for visiting friends and family and it helps me with lugging heavy things upstairs too!


Evo Lifts filled me with confidence during their site visit and the lift was installed in a clean and tidy manner within the quoted two day timeframe.