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Omega House
Private Road 8
Colwick Nottinghamshire NG4 2JX United Kingdom

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About us

With over 40 years’ experience in developing unique solutions for the mitigation of electrostatic hazards, Newson Gale Ltd have enough knowledge and skill to fully comply with International Standards, Guidance and/or Recommended Practices.  Based in Nottinghamshire, our company has a broad range of static earthing and bonding solutions available to customers that are cost effective and offer flexible installation and maintenance.  Our main goal as a company is to mitigate the risk of static ignition ensuring the safety of both people and plant.
Here at Newson Gale, we understand that the accumulation of static electricity must be avoided at all costs in any industrial environment as this can result in fires and/or explosions. Over the years, our team of experienced engineers has expanded greatly, offering new and innovative ideas that can create a safer and more productive working environment for all employees.  Collectively, our company has a universal knowledge of IEC, Cenelec, API and NFPA codes of practice, which are related to controlling the ignition of static electricity.
Newson Gale Ltd cater for a number of industries and sectors throughout the UK and beyond, such as chemical and petrochemical, food and beverage, paints and coatings and pharmaceutical.  Our loyal customer base has praised our fast and efficient service over the years for being reliable and fully committed to reducing the risk of hazards in the workplace.  We offer a full range of bespoke brands that have been utilised in many organisations across the country, including our Earth-Rite® range of static ground monitoring and interlock systems, the Bond-Rite® range of self-testing static grounding clamps with visual indication and monitoring, the Cen-StatTM range of static earthing clamps, cables, and personnel safety equipment together with our Earth-SafeTM equipment commissioning and maintenance service.
First establishment in 1982, our company has ensured that all products and services fully meet customer, contractual and regulatory requirements, which has inevitably led to a rapid growth in reputation and positive working relationships with varying individuals.  At Newson Gale are fully committed to maintaining excellent quality, ensuring that each employee understands and appreciates the importance of long-term customer satisfaction.  As a company we continuously invest in future development and technology to ensure the safety of our customers.

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Newson Gale Ltd

When we began our search to find the best company we could partner with for our ground monitoring needs, Newson Gale stood out over all the rest. With their extensive knowledge, quick deliveries and easy to work with sales and support staff along with our company’s demand for best in class, the choice was easy.


Newson Gale Ltd

Orlen use Newson Gale’s static grounding systems for grounding conductive plant items and road tankers in order to minimize the risk of electrostatic ignitions.As one of Central Europe’s largest refiners of crude oil, protection of our company assets and employees is taken seriously.Newson Gale’s grounding equipment has proven to be reliable in operation and demonstrates compliance with the relevant safety standards for static control.We are impressed with the service, advice and technical support received from Newson Gale and their local representative TESSA.


Newson Gale Ltd

Univar Solvents originally started using Newson Gale products following a recommendation from BP Chemicals at Hull. Since then we have been pleased with the performance of the products and with the technical support for them. The ongoing technical development of the products provides confidence that Newson Gale is keeping up with changes in (static control) Regulation. Controlling static electricity is critical when dealing with flammable liquids.I suggest Newson Gale to our customers when they identify a need to upgrade their earthing facilities.


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