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Omega House, Private Road 8, Colwick, Nottinghamshire, NG4 2JX, United Kingdom

Newson Gale Ltd offer a unique range of bespoke solutions for eliminating electrostatic hazards, including the latest products in the Earth-Rite and Bond-Rite ranges. Over the years our company has provided a vast array of static earthing and bonding methods for a number of applications, demonstrating compliance with the international recommendations for practice and guidance. Some of our products include interlocking systems, earth monitoring clamps, portable grounding kits, intrinsically safe hose continuity testers and many more.

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In 2006, we decided that we needed a full review of more than fifty Brenntag North American facilities across the United States and Canada to ensure that we had proper static grounding equipment in place and were using the proper procedures to minimize a static discharge during flammable liquid transfers. I appreciate Newson Gale’s support in helping us develop equipment needs, proper handling procedures and implement employee training to enable us to have safer facilities for our employees and the communities in which they serve.


The Earth-Rite Multipoint monitoring system is an ideal way to ensure that our equipment is earthed and bonded prior to processing potentially combustible powders. The ATEX certification enables us to use the Earth-Rite Multipoint system in Ex-zoned hazardous areas.


Newson Gale is truly a professional organisation in helping us mitigate static ignition potentials at our site and providing cost-sensitive solutions. I would highly recommend Newson Gale in this regard. Keep up the good work!


When it became necessary to incorporate powders into one of our production processes we were immediately concerned about the additional safety measures that would need to be employed to mitigate the risks posed by any static electricity generated. One call to Newson Gale was all it took to ensure that these risks were identified and controlled. They suggested the use of self-testing static grounding clamps in the majority of situations and fixed earth cables in others. All the equipment provided is exceptionally hard-wearing and easy to use. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Newson Gale to anyone seeking guidance and assistance in controlling the risks associated with static electricity.


The “Earthing & Bonding Applications – Controlling Static Electricity in Hazardous Areas” document by Newson Gale, is a very good, easy to read document. It provides practical advice and has great illustrations. It contains a lot of good background information and references various regulations throughout. The fact it includes comparisons between European (Cenelec), American (NEC) and International (IEC) Hazardous Area Classification and is available in many languages makes it an excellent reference document.


After a few months of installing the Earth-Rite MGV system on one of the company’s many industrial vacuum loaders, I received a call from an operator of the truck stating that the system would not build vacuum. I informed the operator that the reason the truck would not operate and build a vacuum was due to inadequate ground and that we have our MGV system interlocked so that if there is not an adequate ground, the vacuum system will stop operating.I requested that the operator move the truck and find another grounding point, as the current grounding point might have been compromised in some way. The operator attached the MGV to a different ground point and reported back that the system was now working correctly. We were both happy to have resolved the issue so work could be carried out safely.The operator notified the plant safety of the bad grounding point and we were commended by the customer we were working with for bringing this to their attention and for having a system in place that would not allow work to continue in a potentially unsafe area.We have since installed many Newson Gale Earth-Rite MGV Systems on our equipment and have now made the system a standard on all vacuum loading equipment.Thanks, Newson Gale.