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Pioneering Roofline Systems

26 April 2012

A significant development of affordable houses and flats for young autistic adults has been built in Peasedown St. John, Bristol, for the Sarsen Housing Association.

The scheme uses an innovative Aluminium roofline system which includes a number of pioneering features, designed to deliver a speedy installation and low long-term maintenance.

The system, which incorporates both parapet wall capping and an integrated fascia solution, was specified by Leadbitter Construction and is uniquely designed and supplied for the project by fabrication specialists Contour Casings. It delivered a sleek and contemporary finish to the development and was selected for its exceptional weather-proofing performance.

Contour’s Aluminium wall capping was identified as the preferred solution for its “secret fix” system, which facilitates a fast and efficient installation, while weather-proofing gaskets prevent the ingress of water and reduce long-term maintenance costs. The product’s robust construction and durability were also key drivers when selecting a capping system. Additional anti-corrosion and anti-rattle features provide enhanced performance, benefiting both the client and the end user.

Square Aluminium fascia, again supplied by Contour Casings from their extensive roofline range, was chosen to compliment the parapet capping and to deliver a professional and modern aesthetic to the housing development. Contour conducted a complimentary site consultation and adopted a client-facing approach to identify the most suitable roofline solution which satisfied all criteria and sat comfortably within the scheme parameters.

Leigh Simpson, Managing Director at Contour Casings, commented; “methods of controlling costs that don’t rely exclusively on “price” are coming in for a renewed focus in the house building sector. Emphasis is now being placed on enhanced durability, reducing labour costs and low maintenance. Organisations investing in development projects tell us that controlling build and maintenance costs is vital in the current economic climate, reducing labour expenditure through innovative fixing systems and investing in high-quality building products that require little long-term maintenance will help increase profitability”.

Leading architects, consultants and contractors embrace and specify roofline solutions such as those offered by Contour Casings when a building product is required to deliver an efficient installation and robust long-term performance.

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