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New Arstyl® range from nmc

14 June 2012

Decorate interior spaces freely in 3 dimensions on walls and ceilings with ARSTYL® products from NMC.

The new range of ARSTYL® products are patented models manufactured from a high density polyurethane base available in two sizes of ceiling rose and linear profile.

Ceiling Rose R60 (Ø: 560mm) can be combined with profile Z60 (H210mm x W20mm) while Ceiling Rose R61 (Ø: 420mm) can be combined with profile Z61 (H158mm x W15mm).

The center of the ceiling rose is hollow, which makes it easy to cut into sections that match the profiles perfectly. The back of the ceiling center is marked every 5 degrees, simplifying the task for the installer when positioning them.

ARSTYL® from NMC have numerous applications including bordering, skirting, dado rails, create lines, curves, crossings or wall motifs and also to frame or highlight favourite areas of the room.

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