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Domostyl® – Quick and Versatile Façade Decoration

10 July 2009

NMC Domostyl® profiles enable quicker façade renovation & construction.

These products are sturdy and tough giving style & character to every project. The range of Domostyl® decorative elements includes stringer courses, window sills, frames, ceiling roses, pediments, bosses, consoles, keystones, columns and half columns.

In order to satisfy your most diverse desires in the field of façade décor, we offer two product concepts. Domostyl®, our standard concept based on polyurethane is characterised by its low cost and great versatility.   Domostyl® Customised on the other hand is a creative concept offering reliable made-to-measure solutions for everyone who wants to give their home an even more personal mark. Our technology allows us to produce a wide variety of shapes and styles offering a unique and innovative solution with excellent quality.

A simulation CD Rom available on our website and helps you to add Domostyl® products onto a scanned photo of your façade offering you virtually unlimited possibilities. Domostyl® is resistant, lightweight, easy to install and holds a 10 year guarantee.

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