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21 August 2012

5 ways to enjoy your lawn this summer

1. Take a picnic into the garden:  I love cooking and eating outdoors but can’t always be fussed with firing up the barbeque, especially on a hot day. What  I do enjoy though, is  taking a trip to my local farm shop and treating myself to delicious fresh bread, cheese, chutney, fruit , salad and locally produced apple juice, then taking everything home, spreading a blanket on the lawn and eating in the garden.  It’s a favourite way to spend time with friends but on a quiet day I’ll download a speaking book onto my i-pod and enjoy my lawn for as long as possible.

2.Lie on the grass and watch the clouds make shapes:  A great way to spend a lazy half hour with my seven year old grandson.  It’s one of the few things we do together where he stays still and we chat about life in general. 

3.Stargaze:  My lawn is there all night long and it’s a wonderfully cool, calm and relaxing place to be on a clear night.  I’m rubbish at identifying stars and galaxies but I still enjoy trying.

4.Have a water fight with the children; Lawns and children are the perfect partners. Depending on the size of the lawn, it can lend itself to football, rounders, races or handstands but nothing beats a water fight on a hot day

5.Pitch a tent and spend the night out of doors; A great activity for children of almost any age.  It seems a bit weird going outside to bed but believe me, you will become far more aware of the night time noises and wildlife in your garden you’ll probably benefit from all that extra fresh air too…I normally sleep like a log when I’m camping and I wake up happy (family and work colleagues will testify that I am NOT normally a “morning person”

Whatever your plans for this summer, remember that your lawn is free, you won’t have to travel far, you can go home if the weather turns bad, grass is one of the most child-friendly materials there is (I’d rather have green knees than grazed knees!), the dog can come too, it doesn’t cost a fortune for a cup of tea, it’s environmentally friendly, and , in short, it’s awesome.

If you need help and advice on keeping your lawn in good shape this summer, please visit Q Lawns web site at

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