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UK Gutter Maintenance Ltd Awarded the Planned Gutter Cleaning of the Whole of the Cancer Research UK Portfolio Across the UK!

11 February 2013

This is one of our largest contracts to date with 554 shops to attend to clean their gutters and carry out a roof survey during 2013.

These properties are all on High Streets and spread the length and breadth of the UK presenting quite a challenge in terms of both logistics and  the scheduling the works.

We commenced the works in January (just as the snow hit!) and anticipate the contract to take around nine months to complete.  One of our key selling points is the fact all two man teams have a liveried 16.5m boom van (cherry picker) as a standard piece of access equipment enabling us to safely reach heights of 9m or more.

We are contracted to not only carry out a planned gutter clean but also an in-depth roof survey whilst on site for which very specialist skills and knowledge are required.  We already employ experienced roofers however due to the size of the Cancer Research UK contract we made an executive decision to appoint a further two man team who have been involved in the roofing industry for over 30 years.

This is yet another prestigious blue chip client who have entrusted us to undertake a major contract on their behalf and we are proud to be involved in it.

For further information on the services we offer please go to or telephone 01748 835454.

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