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Say Goodbye to Chipped Nail Varnish

30 July 2008

Beautiful nails that last and don’t damage.

Bio Sculpture Gel is an incredible nail colour that has the same lasting properties of fake nails but without causing the damage associated and what’s more, you can change the colour as and when you like.

Bio Sculture Gel was developed to create long lasting natural looking colour. It is effectively fake nails painted on top of your own nails yet still looks natural and promotes nail growth. Harper & Queen reviewed the nail gel and commented:

‘Once set, the gel lasts and lasts, although re-growth will need to be filled in every two weeks or so. But the real bonus is that the gelled nails look immaculate and totally natural, without any worry of chips or breakages - plus, your nails remain healthy underneath. Personally, I'm addicted to it.’

Bio Sculpture has also just launched four additional autumn/ winter catwalk colours to their 90 strong collection of nail varnish colours; The Royal Red, Royal Turban, Amethyst and Golden Silver have been developed to perfectly compliment this season’s fashion.

Products available from Bio Sculpture Gel include bio sculpture gels, colour gel, treatments, solutions, UV lamps, buffs, files and shiners, extensions and tips, skin care, pedicure products, nail accessories, nail art, application brushes, gift packs and retail support.

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