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Quicker fitment of round rod locking systems

08 July 2013

Round rod locking systems are the traditional multi-point closure and locking system for electrical/electronic cabinets, so EMKA are delighted to offer a new “tip-on-and-twist” quick fit guide which makes the whole installation process so much easier.

Not only is the U47 guide quicker to fit, it also replaces two previous heights of screw-on rod guides and is lighter – therefore more environmentally friendly. This delightfully ingenious guide for traditional 8mm dia. rods fits by tipping onto a standard M6 weld stud and offers either 20mm rod clearance or 26mm to allow for deep doors and lock/actuator mechanisms. The same body is used and simply re-set to provide 20 or 26mm clearance as required; although a 16mm long weld stud or 20mm should be selected in manufacture to match the required length.

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