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19 June 2014

One of Playrite’s 3G surfaces has recently become part of the World Cup furore sweeping England after it was installed in the Lucozade Sport conditions zone at Canary Wharf.

The Lucozade Sports Conditions zone is a temporary, purpose built, 5-a-side venue built to replicate the conditions that Englands footballers will be experiencing in Brazil during the World cup with temperatures up to 32 degrees and 76% humidity. 

Playrite’s Conqueror was installed by Dura-Sport, who were chosen for their reputation for quality workmanship. There was a tight turn around on the job which both Playrite as the manufacturer of the product and Dura-Sport as the installers could meet. Conqueror is a 3G outdoor sports surface filled with sand and rubber. 3G surfaces mimic grass and offer similar playing characteristics, with rubber infill usually added to allow studded boots to be used for extra grip, in addition to providing extra shock absorption. Playrite Conqueror 60 offers extra comfort and improved playing performance, incorporating a monofilament polyethylene pile yarn that creates a dedicated 60mm football surface that meets IATS and EN15330 Part 1 accreditation.

The Conditions zone has been designed to show how the increase in heat and humidity has a significant impact upon the players with dehydration and fuel loss affecting performance. Teams from across the country have been invited along to the zone to experience these extreme conditions and see how they would fare in Brazil. Players will receive scientific analysis and feedback from a team of sports scientists who will monitor them throughout their kick-about session and show how their body will hold up in the conditions present.

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