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Pitch perfect perimeters at Carnegie Stadium

26 June 2014

Headingley Carnegie stadium, home of Yorkshire County Cricket club, Leeds Rhino’s RLFC and Leeds Carnegie Rugby Union team has recently undergone a radical grounds makeover.

The grounds staff set about a major £1million development of the stadium to include a new pitch and base formation, under soil heating and new irrigation methods. Once this was complete it became apparent that there was a requirement to upgrade the peripherals too, namely the pitch surround area. The perimeter area around the pitch is one of the highest traffic areas, it sees a lot of use from players, ground staff, media and match officials, not to mention from the advertising hoardings that are placed around the perimeter of the field.

The ground staff at Headingly were noticing how difficult it was to keep these areas on par with the main pitch and this is where Playrite were able to step in and help out. Our artificial surfaces are ideal when it comes to high traffic areas in being durable and able to withstand heavy use. They are also aesthetically pleasing and will continue to look good for a number of years.

Playrite’s Conqueror 40MF was the ideal product for the area to complement the new design of the pitch area and to offer a low cost alternative to natural grass around the whole pitch. The total area covered was approx 1200 sq m, which would annually cost the club around £7K to maintain correctly, including seed, fertilizer, man hours and machinery work. This now costs around £1K per year in man hours so the cost savings over the length of time the perimeter surface will be installed are huge.

At the time the pitch surround was commissioned by Jason Booth, upon completion he commented;  “We now have an area that is very low maintenance, high wearing and aesthetically looks good all year round and when you combine that with available vehicle access at all times the investment is a no brainer”

Playrite have also installed pitch surrounds at Chesterfield FC, Fleetwood Town FC and Blackpool FC.

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