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Underfloor Heating goes Green

24 October 2008

In a pledge to reduce waste and landfill, Underfloor Heating Supplies Ltd is one of the first underfloor heating companies to supply its systems with ‘green’ recyclable pipes.

The green pipes are now the standard piping for Underfloor Heating Supplies’ range of high quality and efficient Komfort heating systems. These German-made polyethelene raised temperature barrier pipes stop the ingress of oxygen into the heating system and are fully recyclable at the end of life.

Underfloor Heating Supplies estimates that with any installation of underfloor heating, there will be approximately 5% wastage from off-cuts, which, in medium to large sized rooms, could amount to several metres of unwanted pipe. Underfloor Heating Supplies’ green pipe can also be recycled at this stage.

Underfloor Heating Supplies, offers five different Komfort Systems designed to suit a variety of applications from churches, schools and sports centres to offices and residential properties. The Komfort underfloor heating systems have been developed using German technology for excellent heat response and efficiency. Underfloor heating emits heat from a large surface area, requiring much lower temperatures than radiators. Underfloor Heating Supplies’ Max 4 therm system is the thinnest, strongest and lightest underfloor heating system currently available.

Made from a Zinc steel honeycomb structure, the Max 4 therm is just 10mm thick, and with 5mm screed, becomes a self-supporting floor of just 15mm depth. The green pipes now also come as standard with this system.

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