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Max 4 Therm is thinnest, strongest and lightest underfloor heating

07 March 2008

The Max 4 therm system from Royalle Underfloor Heating Supplies is the thinnest, strongest and lightest underfloor heating system currently available.

It’s a clever honeycomb structure of zinc plated steel, which is just 10mm thick.  Once laid, and with pipework installed, it only requires a 5mm screed above to become a self-supporting floor of just 15mm depth.

This shallow depth allows the underfloor heating system to be used in a variety of refurbishments particularly where there are restrictions in raising floor heights because of low ceilings.  Also, on account of its low weight and strength it is ideal for multi-storey buildings and for spanning areas where underlying floors are unsound.  At 30kg/m², the Max 4 therm system is some 70% lighter in weight than conventional underfloor heating systems.

The Max 4 therm system has been proven over the last two years in many applications by Royalle Underfloor Heating Supplies and is a product exclusive to the company and made in Germany. 

Compared with many underfloor heating systems, the Max 4 therm system has a fast heating response time, taking just under 9½ minutes to reach full working temperature across the entire floor area.  The system carries the usual underfloor heating benefits of allowing rooms to reach temperature much more quickly and more efficiently than radiators, whilst dispensing with the unsightly intrusion of radiators and releasing valuable floor space.

The Max 4 therm system is laid in interlocking 1080mm x 480mm panels and high quality composite polyethylene piping (with built-in oxygen barrier) is looped around the floor, all connected to a manifold ready for primary connections.  Royalle pressure tests all installations to 10 bar prior to screeds going down.


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