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Camlock helps Autopa achieve "the best in security" for new parking post

04 December 2008

Autopa Limited has been awarded the coveted Sold Secure Gold grade for its new Retractapost TL telescopic parking post. At the heart of the product is a lock manufactured by Camlock Systems Ltd.

Sold Secure is a non-profit-making organization that assesses security products, with the overall aim of reducing thefts.  Products are tested for the risks that can be encountered in everyday use, using information on the methods and tools employed by criminals.

Products that pass the assessment are awarded a gold, silver or bronze grade.  Gold standard products offer the top level of resistance against thieves and are suitable for high-risk environments.

The Retractapost TL uses Camlock’s T8 lock featuring over five million different key combinations, a drill resistant hardened steel body and centre, doubly secure retention of the internal components to resist drive-through attacks and a special head profile.  The acclaimed and patented mechanism ensures superb reliability and integrity. 

The Product Development Manager of Autopa Ltd, Michael Shufflebottom, said: "We set out to achieve Sold Secure Gold standard for our latest telescopic parking post so we specified the best materials and security components.  When it came to the test, Camlock’s Octagon lock lived up to our expectations." 

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