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1 Simple Way Your Business Could Save Thousands Per Year!

06 July 2015

We recently received a phone call from a very excited customer of ours. They advised us that they had purchased 4 of our MX2000 'eco' hand dryers early last year.

They then went on to advise us that they just had to call to say THANK YOU! We asked what for? The customer then went on to explain that last year they decided to make a change from paper towels to one of our Blow Motion hand dryers.

The main reason at the time was that they were completely fed up with re-stocking dispensers, emptying unsightly overflowing bins, fishing towels out of toilets, unblocking toilets, the list of negatives surrounding the use of paper towels, they said, was almost endless!

Anyway, just over a year on they realised that they had been spending a little under £4,000 a year on purchasing paper towels. Not to mention the costs associated with re-stocking etc.....

This was a cost that they no longer have thanks to their decision to change to hand dryers. They also said that their electricity usage was almost the same as it was before the installation of the dryers. This is largely down to the fact they they purchased a low energy cool air blade hand dryer. It can dry 100 pairs of hands for a tad under 2 pence!

Did you also know that purchasing a hand dryer can help to protect the environment?

•    They save trees from being cut down to produce paper towels.
•    Paper towels are NOT recyclable and therefore go straight to landfill

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